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Punjab General knowledge 2021 & Current Affairs. Punjab GK We have compiled some simple important question Answer related to Punjab General Knowledge. This information will be useful for anyone having an interest in Punjab. We have compiled some simple important question Answer  related to Punjab GK. This information will be useful for anyone having an interest in Punjab. And History of Punjab.

If you want to know about Punjab General Knowledge or you are someone having an interest in history, politics and current Affairs. Punjab G.K The questions presented here will help you to improve your general knowledge about Punjab


Punjab General Knowledge 2021

The only stock exchange of Punjab is located in which city?

Answer: Ludhiana

Which river flows along the international boundry of India and Pakistan in Gurdaspur district of Punjab?

Answer: Ravi

Which of the following Punjabi folk dances is not a dance form for males?

Answer: Sammi

Shiv Kumar Batalvi got Sahitya Akademi Award for which book?

Answer: Loona

Which musical instrument is used by Dhadies , Who sing traditional ballads of brave warriors and heroes drawn from Sikh History ?

Answer: Dhad

Which town of Punjab is known as ‘Guru Ki Kashi’?

Answer:  Talwandi Sabo

Which river divides the Malwa and Doaba regions of Punjab?

Answer: Satluj

Which is the smallest district of Punjab?

Answer: Pathankot

There is a railway link between New Delhi and Lahore (Pakistan). On this route, which is the last railway station on Indian side?

Answer:  Attari

There is a village in Punjab known as Nursery of Hockey Olympians. What is the name of that village?

Answer:  Sansarpur

Arasi’ is an ornament of which part of body ?

Answer: Hand

The international border between India-Pakistan along Punjab is known as which line?

Answer:  Radcliffe Line

Who is the current Chief Minister(CM) of Punjab ?

Answer : Amarinder Singh(Political party- Indian National Congress)

Who is the current Governor of Punjab ?

Answer : Vijayendra Pal Singh Badnore

Who is the current Finance Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Manpreet Singh Badal

Who is the current Technical Education Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Charanjit Singh Channi

Who is the current Higher Education and School Education Minister of Punjab as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Aruna Chaudhary

Who is the first female Chief Minister of Punjab?

Answer : Rajinder Kaur Bhattal

Who is the Tourism and Cultural Affairs Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Navjot Singh Sidhu, Indian cricketer

Which Punjabi personality became the 13th Indian Prime Minister before Narendra Modi?

Answer : Manmohan Singh

Who is the 10th Chief Minister of Punjab?

Answer : Beant Singh(1992-1995)

Who is the 2nd Chief Minister of Punjab?

Answer : Bhim Sen Sachar

Who was the first Punjabi woman to win Sahitya Akademi Award in 1956?

Answer : Amrita Pritam for Magnum Opus

Which Indian Punjabi Musician was honoured Padma Shri in 1967?

Answer : Mohammed Rafi

List of important Museums in Punjab:-

Ans:- There are many Museums  in Punjab but below are the nine important ones:

  1. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum – Amritsar.
  2. Anglo Sikh War Memorial – Ferozepur
  3. Sanghol Museum – Fatehgarh Sahib
  4. Rural Museum – Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
  5. Govt. Museum – Hoshiarpur
  6. Guru Teg Bahadur Museum – Anandpur Sahib.
  7. Museum of Armory & Chandeliers, Qila Mubarak – Patiala.
  8. Sports Museum – National Institute of Sports, Patiala
  9. Art Gallery – Shish Mahal, Patiala

 List of fairs and festivals of Punjab with location of celebration?

Ans:- Punjab is a state where fairs and festivals are celebrated with full spirit. Below are the names of famous fairs and festivals of Punjab:-

  1. Maghi Mela – Muktsar
  2. Rural Olympic – Kila Raipur, Ludhiana
  3. Fair of Light – Jagraon, Ludhiana
  4. Jarag Mela – Pail Village, Ludhiana
  5. Kisan Mela – PAU, Ludhiana
  6. Chhapar Mela – Ludhiana
  7. Mela Gadri Babian Da – Desh Bhagat Yadgaar Hall, Jalandhar
  8. Baba Sodal Mela – Jalandhar
  9. Harballabh Classical Music Fest – Devi Talab Temple, Jalandhar
  10. Hola Mohalla – Shri Anandpur Sahib
  11. Urs of Sheikh Ahmed, Rauza Sarif – Sirhind
  12. Shaheedi Jor Mela – Sirhind
  13. Shaikh Farid Fair – Faridkot
  14. Vaisakhi Fair – Talwandi Sabo, Amritsar

How many Municipal Corporations are there in Punjab?

Answer: There are total 10 Municipal Corporation of Punjab. The list of all 10 Municipal Corporation of Punjab is as under:

  1. Ludhiana
  2. Patiala
  3. Amritsar
  4. Jalandhar
  5. Bhathinda
  6. Mohali
  7. Pathankot
  8. Moga
  9. Phagwara
  10. Hoshiarpur

Punjab General knowledge

List of important forts in Punjab:-

Ans:- Punjab was the favourable place for many kings and rulers. So there are many forts in Punjab. Below is the list of major forts of Punjab:

  1. Gobindgarh Fort- Amritsar
  2. Bathinda Fort – Bathinda
  3. Qila Mubark – Faridkot Fort
  4. Qila Mubark – Patiala
  5. Anandpur Sahib Fort – Rupnagar
  6. Phillaur Fort – Ludhiana
  7. Shahpur Kandi Fort – Pathankot

Names of Panj Takhts of Punjab:-


  1. Akal Takht Sahib – Amritsar
  2. Takht Sri Damdama Sahib – Talwandi (Guru ki kashi)
  3. Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib – Anandpur Sahib
  4. Takht Sri Hazur Sahib – Nanded (Maharastra)
  5. Takht Sri Patna Sahib – Patna (Bihar)

The ruler of Punjab during first and second Anglo-Sikh wars was

Answer: Dalip Singh

Kamagata Maru’ was Name of a :

Answer: Ship

When did the British annex Punjab ?

Answer: March 1849

How many districts are there in the state ?

Ans – 22

Which is the largest city of Punjab ?


What is the state animal of Punjab ?

Ans – Black buck

What is the state Game ?

Ans – Kabaddi ( In Circle )

What is the state animal of Punjab?

Answer : Blackbuck

 What symbolise the state bird of Punjab?

Answer : Baaz

 Which symbolise the state dance of Punjab?

Answer : Bhangra, Giddha

How many writing scripts are there in Punjabi language?

Answer : There are two categories in Punjabi language are used. One is Gurmukhi and other is Shahmukhi

Which country uses Punjabi as their third most spoken native language?

Answer : Canada uses Punjabi after English and French

Which are the major dialects of Punjabi language?

Answer : Majhi, Powadhi, Pothohari, Malwai, Multani, Doabi

Which region of Punjab known by Steel Town?

Answer : Mandi Gobindgarh, Fatehgarh Sahib district

Which is the largest city in Punjab?

Answer: Ludhiana

Which country shares a border to the west of Punjab?

Answer : Pakistan on west

State of Haryana lies to which direction of Punjab?

Answer : South

What rivers flows within Pathankot district?

Answer : Beas and Ravi river

Shalimar garden is seen at which city of Punjab?

Answer : Kapurthala

Moti Bagh Palace is located in which city of Punjab?

Answer : Patiala

Where the Shamsher Khan’s tomb located at?

Answer : Gurdaspur

Anandpur Sahib is famous for which thing?

Answer : Virasat-e-Khalsa

Kila Raipur is located near which city in Punjab?

Answer : Ludhiana

how many districts in Punjab?

Answer : 22 Districts

Who was the ‘Rajpramukh’ of PEPSU at the time of its Creation in 1948 ?

Answer: Yadavindra Singh

Gugga Naumi Fair is held in the month of ?

Answer: Bhadon

Where is the ‘Gadri Babian da mela’ held ?

Answer: Jalandhar

where the biggest art gallery of punjab located ?


Largest city of Punjab ?


What is the state tree of Punjab ?

Answer: Shisham

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